Please VOTE YES on Question 6 The Transportation Bond

On November 3, 2015, Maine voters will decide to support jobs, economic opportunity and safer roads and bridges by voting YES on Question 6, the $85 Million Transportation Bond.

road-jobsWhy we need your YES vote on Question 6

√   One-third of Maine’s bridges are either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

MaineDOT has to post more than 2,000 miles of roadways that are prone to cracking and potholes every spring. This limits commercial traffic and hamstrings local economies and businesses.

√   Maine’s rural roads and bridges are among the worst in the nation.

A recent study by TRIP, a Washington-based research group, ranked the condition of Maine’s rural bridges 9th worst in the nation, and our rural roads 8th worst.

Port-and-bridgeBond facts

FACT: Passage of Question 3, the $85 million Transportation Bond will support economic development here at home and generate an estimated $121.5 million in federal and other funds.

FACT: A YES vote on Question 3, the Transportation Bond, would create or support more than 1,100 family wage jobs in transportation and construction-related fields.

FACT: Passage of Question 3 will mean more than $22 million to repair and rebuild Maine roads and more than $46 million to repair and rebuild Maine bridges.

FACT: A YES vote will be good for Maine’s economy, with $17 million for projects with high economic development potential – potential Maine ports, harbors, marine transportation, transit systems, freight and passenger rail service.

Thank you for voting YES on Question 6!