Vote YES on Question 3, the transportation bond

This bond will help generate economic opportunity, create jobs, improve mobility and safety and save Maine drivers money.

What’s in the Transportation Bond

√         Question 3 includes $80 million to construct, reconstruct or rehabilitate Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3 state highways and to replace and rehabilitate bridges.

√         $20 million would be used for multimodal transportation investments related to ports, harbors, marine transportation, aviation, freight and passenger railroads, transit and bicycle and pedestrian trails that preserve public safety or otherwise have demonstrated high economic value.

√         $5 million would fund an Environmental Protection competitive matching grant program to upgrade stream-carrying culverts on municipal roads throughout the state.

Why vote YES?

  • Our roads need it – badly: The proposed bond is the second of three bonds called for in the state’s current three-year MaineDOT Work Plan and is critical to the department staying on track with much needed updates, repair and reconstruction of Maine’s rough roads and aging bridges.
  • Our bridges need funding, too: 1 out of every 7 Maine bridges (14.8%) is structurally deficient and 58% of Maine’s bridges are more than 50 years old. Money from this bond will go to help fix more Maine bridges.
  • It attracts more investment: By voting for this $105 million bond, Maine will earn an estimated $137 million in federal, local and private matching funds. That’s a great return on our investment!
  • Transportation investment fuels Maine’s economy: For every $1 we spend on transportation infrastructure, we create $3 in new economic activity in our local economies. That means this bond and matching funds will generate $452 million for Maine’s economy!
  • This bond will create and support good-paying jobs: Funding from the bond and matching funds will create an estimated 2,200 jobs that pay middle-to-high wages.
  • Good roads save Maine drivers: Drivers in our state pay up to $1,000 in extra costs associated with rough, congested roads – extra maintenance on their cars, higher fuel and insurance costs and lost time. Investment in Maine’s highways and bridges help to reduce those costs.